Meet Our Team

Andy Finley

Andrew K. Finley

Manager, Geologist, M.Sc.
Wyoming Licensed/Certified Professional Geologist #2806
Resume - CV

Andy earned his B.Sc. degree in Geology at the University of llinois in 1990, and then went on to graduate with a M.Sc. in Geology and Geophysics at the University of Wyoming in 1992. He initiated his career with Conoco, Inc. by carrying out exploration and development for onshore assests within the Williston Basin. Andy recieved training and experience in petroleum geology, practical log analysis and seismic interpretation. From 1994 to 1998 Andy was a consulting geologist in the Rocky Mountain Region performing wellsite geology/supervision for coal bed methane, horizontal/multi-lateral and vertical wells, property evaluation, prospect generation and geologic studies in Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana and Colorado. Andy joined GF&A in 1998 and has thrived working on a magnitude of projects since then. Projects have encompassed many basins accross the United States and several projects oversees. Studies have included Unconventional and Conventional plays

Andy continuously is improving technologies to elevate our efficiency and hone our geologic interpretations. In addition to his software/programing prowess, Andy is responsible for expert geologic testimony, property evaluations, prospect exploration and generation, reservoir development planning and geologic supervision of conventional and unconventional drilling.

Jimmy Goolsby

Jimmy E. Goolsby

Founder, Emeritus Geologist, Ph.D
Wyoming Licensed/Certified Professional Geologist #56

Jimmy graduated from Eastern New Mexico University with a B.Sc. in Geology in 1970. He then continued on to obtain a M.Sc. from Montana State University in 1972, and his Ph.D. from Texas Tech University in 1975. Jimmy's love for the Rockies brought him to the USGS in Casper in 1975 to map the surface and subsurface geology of the Powder River Basin. From 1976 on, he has worked in Casper, Wyoming as a consulting geologist. The magnitude of studies Jimmy has performed over the years has given him a war chest of personnel knowledge and understanding of Wyoming geology.

Jimmy's work has largely consisted of prospect generation, property evaluations, acquisitions, field studies, secondary unit reports and follow-up with appropriate government agencies including the Oil and Gas Commission, BLM, etc. In addition to these activities, Jimmy supervises, supports and coordinates personnel (i.e., in house geologists, wellsite geologists, engineers, landmen, and attorneys).

Melanie Peterson

Melanie D. Peterson

Geologist, M.Sc.
Wyoming Licensed/Certified Professional Geologist #3954

Melanie is a Geologist with 10+ years of petroleum experience. She received her B.Sc. in Geology from the University of Wyoming and her M.Sc. from the Colorado School of Mines. Melanie initiated her petroleum career at Noble Energy Inc. in 2006 as a full-time Geo/Engineer Technician, while attending Colorado School of Mines as part-time student. In 2009, Melanie became the Geologist for the San Juan Basin team, where she completed several hydrocarbon drainage efficiency and infill well placement studies. In 2010 she moved to the “Tri-State” team, which involved exploration of the Niobrara Formation in the eastern, shallow portion of Denver Basin. She performed structural interpretation, within 3D and 4D seismic volumes, to identify conventional structural traps for the accumulation of biogenic gas in the Niobrara, and identify deeper exploritory oppertunities. In 2012, after receiving her M.Sc. in Geology she moved to the Wattenberg Exploration Group. She performed several structural studies using seismic and well control. In 2013, Melanie moved to the Unconventional New Ventures group, where she contributed to evaluations of various plays across the United States, using multiple geologic methods, such as basin modeling, thermal maturation interpretation, pressure evaluation, and geochemical analysis. Geosteering and geologic supervision of drilling has been interspersed through various times of her career.

At present Melanie's responsibilities include petroleum exploration, geologic supervision of drilling (vertical and horizontal), prospect evaluations, structural interpretation, stratigraphic interpretation, geologic interpretation using seismic and petrophysical analysis.

Julia Lemaster

Julia R. Lemaster

Geologist, B.Sc.
Wyoming Licensed/Certified Professional Geologist #3894

Julia is a professional geologist with 8+ years of petroleum experience. She received her B.A. in Environment Studies with a concentration in GIS in 2003 from Hiram College. She learned the inner workings of Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, while working for them for the first several years of her career. Julia came to GF&A in 2010 as a Geologic Technician/Geologist in Training and quickly excelled in her geologic training.

In 2013 Julia was promoted to Professional Geologist and she is currently is responsible for preparation of geologic exhibits and testimony for Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission hearings, geologic exhibits and technical comments for DEQ and UIC permits, prospect evaluations, estate evaluations, well planning and drilling of conventional and unconventional prospects. Julia is currently in the process of finishing her Thesis for an M.Sc. in Geology from Utah State and anticipates graduating in 2016.

Anne Marquard

Anne E. Marquard

Geologist, B.Sc.
Wyoming Geologist in Training

Anne obtained a B.A. from the University of Nebraska in 1986. She also obtained an Assoicates of Business in accounting in 2001 from Casper College. Anne worked as a full charge bookkeeper for a local ranch operation. Anne's intense interest for earth processes brought her back to school to focus on Geology in 2011. In 2013, she joined GF&A as a Geologic Technician. She has since completed an Associates of Science in Geology from Casper College, passed her Fundementals in Geology test and is now a Geologist.

Anne contributes a great deal to our team through a variety of work, which includes the creation of Petra projects, the initiation of cross-sections, structural and stratigraphic mapping, log calibration and digitization, well file research at the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, and data integrity checks.

valine winn

Valine Winn

Office Manager, Accounts Payable and Receivable

Valine joined GF&A in 2001, performing data entry. She was promoted to Office Manager in 2008. Valine now supports and facilitates the smooth running of our office. Valine maintains the office's efficiency by planning and implementing office systems, layouts, controls the accounts payable and receivable, and equipment procurement. She also assists in calibration of logs, as well as data procurement. She is our Safety Coordinator responsible for our safety program that is utilized to train both our office staff and wellsite geologists.