Rates (as of January 1, 2018)

Geologic Consulting

Andrew Finley or Jimmy Goolsby $215.00/hour
Professional Geologist $175.00/hour
Preparation and Testimony for Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Hearings $190.00/hour
Expert Geologic Testimony for Legal Proceedings $400.00/hour
Preparation for Legal Proceedings $250.00/hour
Geologic Technician $120.00/hour
Software Programming, Consultation, and Database Design $135.00/hour
ArcGIS Technician $90.00/hour
Out of office for A. Finley or J. Goolsby $2500.00/day minimum
Secretary/Technician $50.00/hour
Specific Computer Time (Petra, Kingdom, HDS, etc.) $35.00/hour

All travel will be booked in first class accomodations when available

Wellsite Supervision

Geosteering from office $200.00/hour
Lead wellsite geologist $1,000.00/day
Second Geologist $700.00/day
Wellsight Systems Software $50.00/day
Per Diem $50.00/day
Expenses Pass Through
Mileage $1.25/mile
Additional Insurance To be paid by Client

Miscellaneous Charges

42" Plotter $5.00/foot
8.5 x 11" black and white copies $0.50/page
8.5 x 11" color copies $0.50/page
11 x 17" black and white copies $1.00/page
Fed Ex, Copy Max, Kinkos, etc. Pass through