Registered Professional Geologist Rates

J. Goolsby or A. Finley$200.00/hr
Staff Professional Geologist$165.00/hr
Geologist In Training$120.00/hr
Preparation and testimony for Wyoming Oil & Gas Conservation Commission Hearings$180.00/hr
Expert geologic testimony for legal proceedings$350.00/hr
Preparation for legal proceedings$200.00/hr
Out of office (minimum for J. Goolsby or A. Finley)$2000.00/day minimum
GIS Technician$90.00/hr
Specific Computer Program Time (Use of Petra, ArcGIS, etc.)$30.00/hr
Other Rates and Charges
42" Plotter$5.00/foot
8.5 x 11" Black and White Copies$0.25/page
8.5 x 11" Color Copies$0.50/page
11 x 17" Color Copies$1.00/page
Direct pass-through for Copy Max, Kinkos, Fedex and other media costs

Any required airline travel will be booked in First Class accomodations when possible
Effective April 1, 2014