Andrew K. Finley



University of Wyoming
M.Sc. Degree, Geology, 1992


University of Illinois

B.S. Degree, Geology, 1990





Goolsby, Finley & Associates, LLC.

Geologist, 1999-Present

Responsible for expert geologic testimony, property evaluation, prospect generation and geologic studies in the Rocky Mountain region and well site geology/supervision for coal bed methane, horizontal/multi-lateral and vertical wells.


Independent Consulting Geologist

Consulting Geologist, 1994-1999

Responsible for well site geology/supervision for coal bed methane, horizontal/multi-lateral and vertical wells, property evaluation, prospect generation and geologic studies in Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana and Colorado.


Conoco, Inc.

Geologist, 1991-1994

Responsible for exploration and development geology including purchase and evaluation of 2-D and 3-D seismic, identification and evaluation of geologic leads, regional and local geologic studies and well site supervision.


University of Wyoming

Teaching Assistant, 1991

Sedimentary Petrology.


Exxon Co., USA

Summer Geologist, 1990

Responsible for the evaluation of Exxon’s Deep Belmont Lease (Wilmington Anticline), LA Basin.


Illinois State Geological Survey

Geologist, 1989-1990

Responsible for the evaluation of enhanced oil recovery projects and technical data acquisition for use in EOR projects and coal reserves studies in the Illinois Basin.


University of Illinois

Teaching Assistant, 1989-1990

Geology of the Colorado Plateau and Grand Canyon.






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Wyoming Professional Geologist #2806

Wyoming Board of Professional Geologists, 2017-Present

American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Wyoming Geological Association

    Frank A. Morgan Memorial Award 2003

    President 1998

    President-Elect 1997

    Program Chairman, Field Conference 1997

    First Vice President 1996

    Second Vice President / Program Chair 1995

Earth Science Bulletin Editor 1994

Casper Petroleum Club - President