Patrick McConigley                                WYOMING REGISTERED PROFESSIONAL GEOLOGIST #1216


University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)

B.A. Degree, Geology with emphasis on Stratigraphy, 1966





Independent Consulting Geologist

Consulting Geologist, 1978-Present

Wellsite geology on more than 400 wells in Wyoming and contiguous states, property evaluation, prospect generation, basin studies, abnormal pressure studies, environmental studies, field evaluations, computer modeling, coal bed methane development.


Runge and Associates

Partner, 1977-1978

Wellsite geology, property evaluation (oil & gas, coal, uranium).


Dresser Industries

International Operations, Singapore, 1972-1977

Data Engineer, Regional Engineer, Indonesia and South China Sea.


United States Agency for International Development

Geologic Consultant, New Delhi, India, 1971-1972

Groundwater development in eight states of India.


American Peace Corps, India

Geologist, 1968-1971

Groundwater development in North India


Geological Exploration, Inc.

Logging Geologist, Southern California, 1966-1968

















Higgins Field, 1992, Wyoming Oil & Gas Fields Symposium, Greater Green River Basin and Overthrust Belt, Wyoming Geological Association, pp 184-185.





Wyoming Professional Geologist #1216

American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Wyoming Geological Association 1999-Present

    First Vice President 1997

    Second Vice President, Program Chairman 1992

    Earth Science Bulletin, Editorial Board 1986-1988