Melanie D. Peterson



Colorado School of Mines

M.S. Degree, Geology, 2012


University of Wyoming

B.S. Degree, Geography, 2005


University of Wyoming

B.S. Degree, Geography, 2003


Goolsby, Finley & Associates, LLC.

Geologist, 2014-Present

Evaluation of conventional and unconventional prospects, structural and stratigraphic interpretation using 3D seismic and well logs, basin evolution and thermal maturity modeling, prospect evaluation, project planning and development, geologic supervision of drilling (horizontal and vertical), geochemical analysis.


Noble Energy, Inc.

Operations Geologist, 2014

Oversight of geosteering for Niobrara horizontal drilling.


Noble Energy, Inc.

Geologist for Unconventional New Ventures, 2013-2014

Source rock characterization, basin reconstruction, burial history and thermal modeling. Geochemical analysis of fluids and source rock. Structural and stratigraphic interpretation using 3D seismic and well logs.


Noble Energy, Inc.

Geologist for Wattenburg Exploration, 2012-2013

Stratigraphic interpretation of D & J Sands across Denver Basin. Exploration of structural traps through lithologic mapping. Exploration lead Geologist on several exploratory drills. Participation on several exploration risk analysis and post appraisal reviews. Integrated a rational structural interpretation of basement fault controls, which explain the mechanisms responsible for creation of structural traps within several producing fields.


Noble Energy, Inc.

Geologist/Geo Tech for San Juan Basin and Eastern Denver Basin, 2009-2012

Analysis of hydrocarbon drainage from wellbore. Infill well placement. Subsurface interpretation using 2D and 3D seismic within Eastern Denver Basin and subsequent well placement. Reconstruction of various burial histories and modeling of thermal maturities using published works, well logs, geochemical data, & temperature. Geologic supervision of vertical drills within Eastern Denver Basin on approximately eighty shallow Niobrara wells and two salt water disposal wells. Stratigraphic and lithologic correlation using well logs. Prospect evaluation. Worked with multi-disciplined groups on various projects to develop acreage, design and implement several salt water disposal systems, and prospect evaluation of potential exploration plays.


Noble Energy, Inc.

Engineer/Geologic Technician for Eastern Denver Basin , 2006-2009

AFE Coordinator. Drilling Priority Coordinator. Isopach and structural mapping. Log calibration. Various land and geologic mapping within Petra, Global Mapper and ArcMap. Data mining and manipulation to support the Engineers and Geologists.


TICORA Geosciences Inc.

Field Technician, 2006

Responsible for collecting core and drill cutting samples for unconventional gas reservoir analyses from well sites. Performed well site and lab desorption tests.


Jenkins Machine Shop Inc.

Field Hand, 2005

Responsible for parts running, care of livestock, and farming of 200 acres of land.


University of Wyoming

Field work in Costa Rica under the supervision of Dr. Steven Holbrook, 2005

Performed deployment and recovery of data acquisition units and geophones for a land based seismic line.


University of Wyoming

Field Assistant, 2004-2005

Field study of Leafy Spurge Biological Control Agents in north-eastern Wyoming under the supervision of Dr. Ronald W. Marrs. Executed the third and final portion of a three part study on the brown and black flea beetle and it�s effects on leafy spurge. Study included determining the impact on leafy spurge and the rest of the vegetative canopy from the release of the brown and black flea beetle.


LTA Inc.

Archeologist/Team Lead, 2001-2004

Performed archaeological surveys and excavations on prehistoric and historic sites. Field crew chief. Responsible for creating site maps and forms of recorded sites.




  • Nautilus Professional Training - Introduction to well logs, Introduction to Seismic Interpretation, Exploration Risk Analysis, Petroleum Geochemistry Basin Modeling
  • PTTC Training - Hydrogeology
  • In House (Noble) Training - Reflection Seismology, Sequence Stratigraphy, Genesis Thermal Maturity Modeling of Source Rock


Wyoming Geological Association

American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

Denver Geophysical Society

Rocky Mountain Dressage Society

United States Dressage Federation

United States Equestrian Federation