David Anderson                                   


University of Wyoming

B.S. Degree, Geology, 2008





Goolsby, Finley & Associates, LLC.

Consulting Geologist, 2008-Present

Wellsite geology for coal bed methane and tight oil and gas horizontal drilling.


Cameco Resources

Staff Geologist, 2009-2010

Uranium Geology.


Wild Horse Energy

Field Geologist, 2007-2008

Duties included mapping, data processing, well sitting, analyzing drill cuttings, and picking depths for casing and screens related to environmental monitoring wells. Coordinated drilling and completion of wells. Supervised installation of wellhead protectors.


Premier Builders  

Construction, 1992-2008









Anderson, D. and Dr. Sundell, K., 2005, Shadeline Glaciers and Catastrophic Flooding on Casper Mountain, Wyoming During the Quaternary, Undergraduate Research Day 2005: University of Wyoming, p. 1

Anderson, D. and Dr. Sundell, K., 2005 Quaternary Glacial and Interglacial Evidence from Garden Creek Drainage, Casper Mountain, Wyoming, SLC 2005, Geological Society of America, Annual Meeting & Exposition, Abstracts with Programs p. 233